Headquarters: Cartagena, Colombia
Activities: Thermal Energy Generation
Investment Manager: Ciro M�ndez
Tribeca Investment: 2009
Fund: Tribeca Energy Fund

The company owns and operates a 334MW dual fuel power plant that operates in simple cycle. The plant includes two Westinghouse 501 FC combustion units; both units began commercial operations in 2000.

The plant is located in Mamonal, the industrial area of Cartagena, where considerable investments and industrial expansion is taking place, making this a privileged location for Termocandelaria. In addition, the plant is located 4 Km from the Port of Cartagena and 3 Km from the oil refinery, making it a strategic logistical advantage for continuous supply of liquid fuel. The plant is connected to the Promigas gas pipeline, which supplies gas from Guajira and La Creciente and in the future will be able to connect to the Venezuela gas connection point. A double circuit transmission line connects the plant with the national electric grid, located about 0.5 Km from the Termocandelaria site.

A highly qualified in-house team carries out the operation and minor maintenance of the plant. Major maintenance, as well as repairs of the turbines and their corresponding components has been carried out by the original equipment manufacturer: Mitsubishi Power Systems.

Termocandelaria is one of most strategic power plants to support the Colombian power system during dry seasons (�El Ni�o�). During the �El Ni�o� phenomena that occurred between October 2009 and April 2010, its plant factor was close to 83%, the second largest in the market, the first one being TEBSA also controlled by Tribeca.

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