Etiqueta Negra - Compañia Argentina de Diseño S.A.
Headquarters: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Activities: High-end clothing in Argentina
Investment Manager: Felipe Iragorri
Tribeca Investment: 2007
Fund: Tribeca Fund I

Compañia Argentina de Diseño S.A. and Amarila are the controlling companies for Etiqueta Negra, (�Black Label�), the leader in the high-end clothing segment in Argentina. Launched in 2003 by Federico �lvarez Castillo and Juan Cahen d�Anvers, both seasoned and successful entrepreneurs in the retail business. Its leadership is reflected in both sales and in brand positioning, becoming a household name in Latin America and in the league of well-recognized international competitors.

Tribeca's investment was agreed with the main objective of expand the brand internationally. Setting its sights on New York and Miami as its first international destination for expansion. Etiqueta Negra�s internationalization project has implemented a concept of Argentinean origin outside the country, and spread the knowledge of the product�s excellent quality by opening stores with the atmosphere and concept that characterize the brand. Communications will be associated with the sport of Polo and the world of classic cars. Etiqueta Negra is one of the official sponsors of the Ellerstina Polo Team, 2010 Triple Crown winner, and the historic race Gran Premio Nouvolari. The brand is also present in the FIA GT3 European Championship and in the Mille Miglia Storica classic car race.

Today the Etiqueta Negra has stores in Argentina (11), USA (3), Italy and France (4), and plans to continue its expansion in other markets in Europe and Latin America.

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